Friday, May 30, 2008


May 30, 2008

Pictured above: 1. Nurses holding the babes 2. Doctors holding the babies 3. Are you sure we're ready to go? No wires? No machines? No beeping? 4. Brooklyn and Calahan kissing good-bye 5. Cal happy to finally have the place to himself 6. Brooklyn and Aidan trying out their swings for the first time

We're going where?? That's right! Aidan and Brooklyn have moved...HOME! Can you believe it? It is definitely surreal for Paul and I to be home with two of our three babies. We just can't wait to bring Calahan home too.

Today was a busy day for everyone...Paul and I took the car seat class first thing this morning, then we had the emergency procedures class. We moved Aidan and Brooklyn out of the crib and Cal into an isolette. We had a chance to spend time with our favorite doctors; Dr. Vartanian, Dr. Wiseman, Dr. Fozia and Dr. Desch. We also had lots of our favorite nurses around today; Michelle, Anne, Crystal, Jessie and Stephanie.

It was a very special day, but also a heartbreaking day for me to leave behind my sweet little boy, Cal. The nurses assured me that he was going to get lots of extra attention now that the other two are gone. On Wednesday Cal was supposed to be the one coming home today, but he bought himself a couple of extra days for desatting. He is off of the caffeine which might be why he is not doing as well. They have decided to put him back on the caffeine and possibly send him home with it. He is off of the nasal cannula and the feeding tube. So he will continue to be monitored at the hospital for awhile. We hope to have him home some time next week; but only if he is ready.
We have a visiting nurse coming tomorrow and an appointment with a pediatrician on Monday. Paul and I are doing a pretty good job; if I do say so myself. The nurses really prepared us for this day.
We want to thank everyone for your continued prayers. Please keep them coming. Prayer is a powerful thing. We know first hand the power of the Lord and we thank and praise him for this amazing miracle. Now we are just looking forward to bringing home Calahan. Then everything will be right with the world in our eyes.
Love to all...


Sadlers said...

Paul and Kristin,

I was thinking about you guys all night. Wondering how you were doing with the two at home. I am sure everything went great. You guys are the best parents. Aidan, Brooklyn and Calahan are lucky to have you two. Thanks for letting me enjoy you little ones.

Michelle Sadler

Karen said...

Hi ant krsden and unkl paul.
I cant wat to see the babes
and met the babes
i cant wat to hold aidan
and brooklyn.

mom2anangel said...

Kristin and Paul, what a nice surprise to wake up to this morning. I just know little Cal will be home in no time. I'm thinking of you all the time and pray that everything goes great! I'm just a phone call away if you need anything ever.
Love, Amy

Brad and Meg Brus said...

That is SO EXCITING!! We rejoice with God with you that all three are doing so well and we pray Calahan can come home real quick!
love you guys,
Brad and Meg and boys

Nancy said...

Paul & Kristin,
YEAH!!! We are so happy to hear that Aidan and Brooklyn are home. Calahan will be there very soon. He's such a fighter. They sure stole my heart when we came and saw them. Can't wait to come and see them "all" at home. They are a blessing and a gift. You two will be such great parents. Just "LOVE" and support them and they will grow up to be fantastic kids.
Give them a kiss for us.
Aunt Nancy

Jeff said...

Paul and Kristin,

We are so happy that Aidan and Brooklyn are at home and Calahan will be joining them soon. We are praying for all of you guys. We have enjoyed watching the little ones and the amazing progress they have made. We are excited to meet them one day. Let us know if you need anything!!!

Jeff, Tiffany, Natasha, and Snickers