Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thursday is the Day!

June 4th, 2008

Pictured above: 1. Aidan and Brooklyn in their crib sporting their U of M hats 2. Cal stretching out...because he can 3. Paul and Daisy hanging out with the babies 4. Our precious nephew Jacob holding Brooklyn for the first time

Hello Everyone!

Cal is coming home tomorrow! We are so excited! We are making tomorrow a big family affair, a major production: the four of us are going to pick up Cal and we are going to walk right out of that hospital that has become our home for the past 3+ months. It is bitter sweet because we will miss the nurses and doctors that have become like family to us, but we are so excited to focus on our family all together under one roof, our roof.

Aidan and Brooklyn are doing great at home. They are completely adorable and we just can't get enough of them. Brooklyn is a talker; especially at night. She has a lot of stories to tell and although we love her stories, we appreciate them much more during the day. Aidan has the cutest little sneeze and a funny noise to accompany every other sneeze.

Aidan and Brooklyn also had their first pediatric appointment on Monday. Aidan weighed 5 pounds 2 ounces and Brooklyn weighed 5 pounds 4 ounces. Brooklyn also decided it would be fun to poop all over the scale while being weighed. The nurse commented on it being a first for her. It was quite funny; as I have said before, she is the mad pooper.

It has been a very long road for us and it all finally hit me on Monday. Paul was at work and I took the babies up to the nursery and sat in the rocking chair with them in a boppy on my lap. I turned on a beautiful CD from "my friend Sue" and read the babies a book. Halfway through the book tears were streaming down my face. I have waited for these babies for so long and they are everything I hoped for and dreamed of. They are my world and I feel so fortunate to finally be a mom, to be their mom...the mom of triplets. It is the most incredible feeling in the world!

Many people have asked about our evenings and if we are getting any sleep. To that I will quote something my husband always says, "Sleep when you're dead". That about sums it up.

I have been able to visit Cal every evening (thanks to my WONDERFUL in-laws). Last night the nurse told me that Cal's IVH has resolved itself on both sides. Thank God! What amazing news. Cal will come home on caffeine in addition to the iron that the other two are currently taking. The caffeine will help him with his breathing. Last night Cal was wide awake the whole time I was there. I gave him his bath and fed him and told him all about what Thursday will bring.

Life for us is surely different. Life is busy. Life couldn't be more amazing! As we end the NICU part of our journey we want to THANK EVERYONE for all of your positive thoughts, prayers, comments, support and love. To those of you that sent flowers, food, goodies, gifts, clothes, etc...THANK YOU! We are so thankful and blessed to have so many fabulous people in our lives. We hope to some day repay each and every one of you for your kindnesses.

Message from the babies to my brother:

Happy 30th Birthday to Uncle Dave! Sorry we missed your party. We love you!

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Gina said...

I am so happy for you! Have fun and take it one baby at a time... Have so much fun!

Much love,
the LaMontes

ps-Dennis used that same quote with me for 6 months ;)...