Saturday, May 3, 2008


May 3rd, 2008

I am happy to say that since Itty Bitty Lydie is gone, Brooklyn and Aidan have decided to follow in her footsteps and are taking it upon themselves to find a way out. Yesterday both of these babies tried to escape via the arm holes in their isolettes. Neither one was successful, but it was so funny to see and it was also a testament to how strong they are getting. Aidan has moved into Lydia's old stomping grounds and he is enjoying being closer to his brother and sister despite the staph infection he has in his eyes. They are treating him with ointment and drops and hopefully that will be enough to clear up his poor goopy eyes soon.

Paul and I gave Calahan a bath last night for the first time. It took us way too long and Cal was trying his best to be patient with us. Thanks Buddy! By the end of bath time, Cal's heart rate had shot up and his temperature was also up. Finally he was squeaky clean and ready for a nap in the worst way. We were able to catch a quick glimpse of him without the CPAP attached to his face. His adorable little face is a marvel and we can't wait to see it more often.

The doctors and nurses continue to keep an eye on Brooklyn's distending tummy and periodic breathing. She is also forever pulling that nasal cannula right out of her nose. Strong willed little girl!

Enjoy the pictures of the two escapees and the squeaky clean ladies' man. Thanks again for all of the prayers, thoughts, food, cards, gifts, gift cards, etc. I will try my very best to send thank you's to everyone but things are so overwhelming and I am afraid that I won't get to it all and I just really need everyone to know how appreciative we are for all of you. We could not do this without the support and love of our family and friends. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!


The Robert's said...

The pictures of Aidan and Brooklyn trying to escape are awesome. And you are point on in saying it shows how strong they are getting.

That is great that you were able to give Cal a bath last night. Lydie likes a clean man.

They all look great in the pictures, that is a good looking group of kids there. We cant wait to her further updates.
Tell the staff at room 3 we say hi,
and have some wings at Casey's for us.

The Robert's

Nancy said...

Hi Paul, Kristin, and babies! Its Lauren. I am glad to hear that all the babies are doing so well! They all look soo good in the pictures! I can't wait to come visit!! Aidan and Brooke trying to esacape, that is funny! Before you know it, they will be escaping..that hospital, then their cribs, then the house!! haha I love all of you!

Lynn from MI said...

Hey, Dood Family,
The O'Mearas from Winchester wanted you to know that you can count on our prayers along with the many, many you are getting. We've been following for awhile, it's good to see the growth and health of your sweet babies improve.

Tommy's in second next year, but we've already prepared him for the fact that you may be to busy to teach second grade for awhile.:)

All of our best especially from Claire and me.
Lynn O'Meara

Karen said...

hi ant krsden,
mom and i liked the pekshrs.
You were cute woshing calahan.
I cnt wat to see the babes.
I am eksited to see the Babes.
I love you all!!!!!!
(age 6-typed all by himself) :)