Tuesday, May 20, 2008

LOVE our babies!

May 20, 2008

Pictured above: 1. All three peanuts posing for a picture. 2. Cal trying to give me his upper left hook 3. Aidan getting a bath from Mom and Dad 4. Beautiful Miss Brooklyn

Dear Friends and Family,

Things are going well in the NICU for the babies! Paul and I are overjoyed with the progress of Aidan, Brooklyn and Calahan; they amaze us! Cal is trying his top open again today, so I will let you know how that goes. If he does well, he will be moved to the "big kid" crib with the other two.

Oh, have I mentioned that? Aidan and Brooke have moved to a "big kid" crib. They have more room and are really in the open air now. When sweet Cal gets moved in with the other two the whole Dood clan will be moved to "the floor". I am excited and nervous for that day. The floor means a private room and less supervision. Many of the nurses have become close friends and it will be difficult to leave them, but at the same time we are looking forward to moving because that means that the babies are really doing well.

On Sunday Aidan and Brooklyn had hearing tests. They both passed. Yippee! Cal will have his in another week or so. Yesterday the babies had eye exams. We have yet to hear the results, but will keep you posted. Their last eye exam was two weeks ago and ruled inconclusive because their eyes were still too immature.

Today I am taking an infant massage class. I am looking forward to learning how to soothe and relax the babies. Paul was inquiring about the husband massage class, but the nurses assured him there was no such program. No doubt, he too is going to need soothing and relaxing!

It is AMAZING how full my heart is with these three babies! I eat, sleep and breathe these little ones. Paul and I are so incredibly blessed and we thank God constantly for letting us be parents to these miracles. We are looking so forward to the day we are all home together as a family.

The blog will go private on Sunday. Thank you for emailing me your requests to continue reading the blog. Many of you included well wishes and we really appreciate that, unfortunately I do not have time to respond to all of them. When I do have time at home, I am trying to organize in order to prepare for the babies' home coming. Then I am anxious to get to the hospital and all of my efforts and energies are directed to the babies. Most evenings on the way home, it is either too late or I am too exhausted to respond. My apologies, it really does get to me that I am missing in action. Please know that we are extremely thankful for ALL of our supportive friends and family.

Love to you all and much thanks for everything!!


Katrina said...

OH MY the babies are so adorable!! They are getting so big!!!

That is so funny about your husband and the massage class. Mine would try the same thing! I hope you have a blast in your class!!

And don't worry about being MIA you have 3 newborns who are still in the hospital you have plenty of things to worry about! I think you do a great job at updating!!!!

Know I am praying hard for all of you!

Christie said...

I'm glad I got to peek at your gorgeous babies before you go private. I found your blog through the cunninghams. I have 21 month old triplets and am always so happy and excited for new parents of triplets. Your babies are just beautiful. Congratulations on everything going so well.