Saturday, June 21, 2008

Holy 3 Babies!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cal has been home for a few days now and things are CRAZY! I didn't realize how easy two babies were until Calahan came home. It is an incredible feeling to have all three of them home. They are beautiful and amazing and a lot of work. But we are up for the challenge after everything that we have been through. We stare at them all day long in amazement; we are so lucky!

On Wednesday Paul and I packed up Aidan and Brooklyn and took them to the hospital to pick up their brother. Driving home in the car with 3 babies was surreal. We came home to the two Grandmas and it was feeding time. Let me just say...thank God for the Grandmas! All three babies eat at the same time so that we can have a few minutes in between feedings to do things around the house. Calahan has reflux so he needs to be held upright for at least an hour after he eats. We have actually been holding him upright almost around the clock and we are happy to say that he has not had an episode in more than 36 hours.

The visiting nurse came on Thursday and here are the weights of our three chubbies: Aidan is 6 lbs. 9 oz., Brooklyn is 6 lbs. 5 oz. and Cal is 5 lbs. 9 oz. With Aidan and Brooklyn taking 2.75 ounces of breast milk every three hours and Cal taking 2.5 ounces, I am having a difficult time keeping up with the demand. I had a reserve so I have been able to keep up so far, but my supply is dwindling quickly so I am going to try the herbs fenugreek and blessed thistle to increase the milk supply.

Once the visiting nurse left, I headed over to my friend Becky's house where my WONDERFUL teammates from school threw me a fabulous baby shower. It was so great to see all of my friends. As if they haven't already done enough for us: cooking dinners, visiting in the hospital, sending gift cards for food, etc. Everything was lovely and once again everyone was extremely generous. There are no words to describe our gratitude, so simply put...THANK YOU (geeze, I say that a lot).
As for postings...I am not sure how often I will be updating this sight now that all three babies are home. I will do my best. Thanks to everyone for your support and love. We are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives. We love you all and look forward to introducing you to our three little miracles.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


June 17, 2008 -HAPPY TEN WEEKS!!!

The babies are 10 weeks today!! Can you believe it? My apologies to everyone for not posting sooner. Things are a little bit crazy with three babies. The days are flying by and I barely have time to take a shower or brush my teeth. Paul and I are very fortunate to have my family staying with us and his family right across the street. We have a lot of help and we are still so busy!

Word on the street is that Cal may be coming home tomorrow. That would be wonderful and amazing and completely insane all at the same time. It has been difficult for me to get up to the hospital every day to see him, but I have and I really enjoy our one-on-one time together. Knocking out the thirty-five minute drive to the hospital and the thirty-five minute drive home, the ten minutes it takes to park in that silly parking structure and get to floor four and check in will be extra time we can spend just enjoying the babies in our own home. Calahan has not needed to be stimulated for the last four nights. If he makes it through the night with no stim, then he is coming home tomorrow. Cal's reflux is severe and he will have to be monitored very closely at home. He needs to be upright almost all of the time. We can't pat his back instead we need to rub his back. No rocking or shaking for this little guy. It will be tricky since it is second nature to do these things with the other two babies, but we will all be mindful of his condition since we have anxiously awaited his homecoming for so long. So, tomorrow is the big day...with the stipulation that there is no stimulation tonight. Please pray for him!

Aidan and Brooklyn are doing wonderfully at home. Aidan has long periods of awake time and we just love to see his big eyes staring back at us in wonder. Brooklyn enjoys sleeping most of the day. I view it as her fueling up for the long night of babbling, cooing and grunting that she loves to do.

We have a schedule down, but this will all change when cutie Cal comes home. Right now we are on a 1, 4, 7, 10 schedule. Here is an example of what goes on at each of those times:

Start warming bottles, change Aidan, put Brooke's paci in, go back to changing Aidan, put Brooke's paci in again, finish changing Aidan, start changing Brooke, put Aidan's paci in, continue changing Brooke, put Aidan's paci in again, finish changing Brooke, put Aidan's paci in, go back only to change Brooke again (because as my sister says, "she likes a clean diaper to poop in"), change the water warming the bottles, draw up and give them their iron (7 o'clock feedings only), feed and burp both babies. This whole process takes about one hour from beginning to end. After all of that I have to pump for future feedings; so far I have been able to keep up with their demand. Then we wash out bottles, syringes and breast pump equipment, throw a load of laundry in, tidy up around the house and play with the babies for a short while before it is time to start the whole process over again.

Paul had a great Father's Day! He was able to go golfing with his buddies on Saturday and he really enjoyed himself. Then on Sunday we ventured out with the babies for our first official outing (besides to the doctors, emergency rooms or hospital). The destination? Paul's parent's house right across the street. The babies did a great job and Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle J, Auntie K, Jacob and Cameron watched Brooklyn and Aidan so Paul and I could go and visit Calahan. The babies got their Daddy some t-shirts, tennis shoes and a hat.
Happy Belated Father's Day to the Dads!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a Day!

These pictures are a little bit old, but so darn cute!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where do I start? Eye appointments for premature fun! Paul and I had to take Aidan and Brooklyn to Dr. Archer for their follow up eye appointment. The appointment was at 1:30 and our scheduled eating time is 1:00; what to do? So we decided to bring the bottles and feed the babies at the appointment. That was a great idea other than the fact that I had brought the bottles, but no nipples. So we made a quick stop at the hospital where Paul ran in to find that both of the elevators that we normally used were out of order. Paul (being quick on his feet) found a working elevator, up to the fourth floor, grabbed some nipples and back down to the car, out of the parking garage and to the Kellogg Center for the appointments. We made it with a few minutes to spare. After the babies' eyes were dilated the doctor clamped them open. This is very unpleasant to watch and must be extremely uncomfortable because Aidan and Brooklyn screamed their heads off during this process. Turns out that Aidan is in the clear and doesn't need to visit the eye doctor for another four months. Brooklyn still has ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) and needs to come back in two weeks. Cal is in the same boat and will need to come back as well (Dr. Archer visited him in the NICU last week).

After the eye appointments we decided to visit Calahan. We were having a great time until the doctor informed us that Cal may be moving to the fifth floor. Ordinarily this would be a wonderful thing, but not when you have two babies at home. The fifth floor is less supervision. Nurses come in to check on the babies once an hour and there are two kids to a room. Aidan was on the fifth floor for his weekend stay and I would never leave a baby alone there. Which means that someone would need to be home with Aidan and Brooklyn and someone would need to be at the hospital at all times with Cal. Paul and I have grown to love the NICU and really don't want to move. We told the doctors our concerns and they understood. However, there are sick babies coming in and no open spots in the NICU. Cal is the "wellest" baby they have so he should be the one to be moved up to the fifth floor. The doctors moved another baby and tabled the issue for the time being, but there are no guarantees. For now, I can rest easy knowing Cal is still getting excellent care 24/7. Did I just say rest?

At home, Aidan and Brooklyn are doing AWESOME! They are both so sweet and we are just loving them up. Brooklyn has been nicknamed Princess Poopy Pants because she poops with every diaper. Her little bum is raw. Aidan is back to himself and after giving blood every 24 hours for the last three days he gets a break until next week.

Calahan is now on zantac and reglin to help with his reflux and apnea. Dr. Attar told me today that he thinks Cal will eventually outgrow it. Worst case scenario a surgery, but he doesn't think Cal will need it. He said we are looking at anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks before he comes home. I spent the afternoon with Cutie Cal and he is an amazing little boy. He has these big beautiful eyes and is very alert. At times he shrieks in pain and it breaks my heart. Today we said several prayers together that God would heal his insides and allow him to come home.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


June 7, 2008

NOT only did we NOT get to bring Calahan home on Thursday, we had to rush Aidan to emergency and admit him to U of M Hospital. Thursday, the day we were looking so forward to, was a horrible day!

It started in the morning when I called the NICU to be sure that Cal was still scheduled to come home that day. Unfortunately, Cal had bought himself some extra time in the NICU. I suppose he doesn't want to leave all of the girls; him being a ladies' man and all. Every night he seems to have one major desat which he is usually able to self recover from but it takes him about two minutes. Last night he had a big desat in which they needed to stimulate him. So, he started on Zantac today in hopes that it would help with his reflex which in turn would help with his breathing. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will make it home eventually. But this probably was a blessing in disguise because we spent the weekend in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) with Aidan.

On Thursday I noticed that Aidan kept turning a funny shade of yellow. Jaundice? Maybe, I thought. As the day went on he was sluggish with his eating and sleeping quite a bit. When Paul got home from work he decided we should go to the pediatrician. Dr. Oh took Aidan's temperature and it was low. She checked the oxygen level in his blood and that was low. She told us if we left straight from the clinic we could go to the hospital by car. Paul got us to U of M in no time; although it felt like forever. In the ER Aidan was given an IV and had to get blood drawn. Then we were moved up to the 5th floor for more poking and prodding. I was a mess! A complete mess! I couldn't watch Aidan get poked one more time. With my lack of sleep and extreme concern for one baby at home, one on the fourth floor and one of the fifth floor I may have had a minor breakdown if it weren't for my husband. Paul was so calm and comforting.

We have just returned home with no answers to Aidan's symptoms. He is scheduled for weekly blood draws and a GI appointment in one or two months. His bilirubin levels are elevated which may indicate a problem with his liver. Jaundice is caused by a build up of bilirubin (a yellowish substance produced when red blood cells are broken down). At birth the liver is too immature to convert bilirubin into a disposable form which is excreted in the stool. In Aidan's case his liver has done its job of converting the bilirubin into a disposable form, but he is having a problem getting rid of the bilirubin. This is called direct hyperbilirubinemia. This may be from the TPN that Aidan had earlier on in life. was an exhausting weekend. We are so happy to be home and we are praying for Calahan to join us soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thursday is the Day!

June 4th, 2008

Pictured above: 1. Aidan and Brooklyn in their crib sporting their U of M hats 2. Cal stretching out...because he can 3. Paul and Daisy hanging out with the babies 4. Our precious nephew Jacob holding Brooklyn for the first time

Hello Everyone!

Cal is coming home tomorrow! We are so excited! We are making tomorrow a big family affair, a major production: the four of us are going to pick up Cal and we are going to walk right out of that hospital that has become our home for the past 3+ months. It is bitter sweet because we will miss the nurses and doctors that have become like family to us, but we are so excited to focus on our family all together under one roof, our roof.

Aidan and Brooklyn are doing great at home. They are completely adorable and we just can't get enough of them. Brooklyn is a talker; especially at night. She has a lot of stories to tell and although we love her stories, we appreciate them much more during the day. Aidan has the cutest little sneeze and a funny noise to accompany every other sneeze.

Aidan and Brooklyn also had their first pediatric appointment on Monday. Aidan weighed 5 pounds 2 ounces and Brooklyn weighed 5 pounds 4 ounces. Brooklyn also decided it would be fun to poop all over the scale while being weighed. The nurse commented on it being a first for her. It was quite funny; as I have said before, she is the mad pooper.

It has been a very long road for us and it all finally hit me on Monday. Paul was at work and I took the babies up to the nursery and sat in the rocking chair with them in a boppy on my lap. I turned on a beautiful CD from "my friend Sue" and read the babies a book. Halfway through the book tears were streaming down my face. I have waited for these babies for so long and they are everything I hoped for and dreamed of. They are my world and I feel so fortunate to finally be a mom, to be their mom...the mom of triplets. It is the most incredible feeling in the world!

Many people have asked about our evenings and if we are getting any sleep. To that I will quote something my husband always says, "Sleep when you're dead". That about sums it up.

I have been able to visit Cal every evening (thanks to my WONDERFUL in-laws). Last night the nurse told me that Cal's IVH has resolved itself on both sides. Thank God! What amazing news. Cal will come home on caffeine in addition to the iron that the other two are currently taking. The caffeine will help him with his breathing. Last night Cal was wide awake the whole time I was there. I gave him his bath and fed him and told him all about what Thursday will bring.

Life for us is surely different. Life is busy. Life couldn't be more amazing! As we end the NICU part of our journey we want to THANK EVERYONE for all of your positive thoughts, prayers, comments, support and love. To those of you that sent flowers, food, goodies, gifts, clothes, etc...THANK YOU! We are so thankful and blessed to have so many fabulous people in our lives. We hope to some day repay each and every one of you for your kindnesses.

Message from the babies to my brother:

Happy 30th Birthday to Uncle Dave! Sorry we missed your party. We love you!