Sunday, May 4, 2008


May 4th, 2008 I walked into Room 3 and baby Adelyn's isolette was gone. I thought she had gone home, but when I went to check on Brooklyn I saw Addie in her place. Where was my daughter? The nurses told me that I had to find her and everyone was staring at me. I started to walk around the corner and they told me she wasn't on that side. For a second I was worried, but then I walked over to Aidan's incubator and there inside was BROOKLYN ...with AIDAN! TOGETHER! BOTH OF THEM! THE TWO OF THEM WERE TOGETHER IN THE SAME ISOLETTE! I was so excited for them, but I also felt sad for Calahan. He is not stable enough to try cobedding yet. I spent some extra time with him tonight. I let him know that the other two were hanging out together and I told him about the things that he needs to be able to do in order to join them. Cal is working so hard to catch up, he is such a strong little one.
Today I kanagarooed with Calahan and Brooklyn. They both did well aside from some bradies and desats. Other than that...Aidan's eye seemed worse to me than yesterday. It is super goopy. He has been on eye drops for two or three days now. Tomorrow Brooklyn is getting another echo because her PDA seems to be getting bigger. She is having more breathing episodes (bradies, desats, periodic breathing, etc.). This whole breathing thing is really difficult for all three of them. Sometimes I fear that they will never get the hang of it, but the nurses assure me that they will eventually. Aidan and Brooklyn both got their PICC lines out today. Yay! One less wire is always exciting! Cal is on full feeds (27 cc), Brooke is on 35 cc and Aidan is on 30 cc.

Yesterday when I was changing Brooke's diaper she pooped right on me. Today when Nurse Brenda was changing Brooke, she continued pooping. Paul was so grossed out. It was rather amusing! Speaking of poop...Paul also changed his very first EVER poopy diaper (and what he claims to be the last).
I'd love to tell you more, but I am exhausted and need to be up in three hours to pump. So that is it for now...I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.


The Robert's said...

Awesome news on Brooklyn and Aidan sharing the isollette! Is that perminant now? Cal will get there soon he is on full feeds that is good news. Also good news about them losing there PICC lines.
We discussed the diaper changing thing here at Casa Robert and think Paul shoud do about 75 percent of the poopy diapers since you have to do all the pumping :).
Well we miss seeing the Dood 5, hope you guys are getting your rest and we look forward to reading your next blog.

The Robert's

Corinn said...

The picture of the two in their Dood jerseys is so pricelss!!! I am sure the breathing thing is really tough on you guys right now (much more so on mommy and daddy than those little peanuts), but those nurses know what they are talking about!! They are so beautiful - you guys are amazing - get your rest!!

haley foos said...

dear mrs.dood,
This is your second grade student haley foos. I wanted to tell you how amazed i was when mackenzie told me about the triplets!I have always seen you as a loving young fun teacher but today as i saw your picturs i see a wonderful loving have always been like a second mother to me and you helped me through one of the toughfest times in my life. i appreciate the fact of how caring you always were and i wanted to let you know how lucky your 3 wonderful babies are to have such a great mom!when i was little i didnt want you to get married and move i wanted a wonderful person like you in my life and when i remember your wedding and how much i cried that i would always love you way more than just a were my friend!I miss you and will never forget you. I wanted to tell you that i am now in seventh grade and thatnks to your help i am an all a student and am in advanced language arts.thanks for everything i love you!!!!
sincerly haley foos

Jen Martinson said...

I agree with Corinn-- the picture of the Aidan and Brooklyn laying next to each other with their names on their backs is priceless! I check the blog everyday and I'm so happy that the babies are growing stronger!!! It's all of your love and support. Hopefully you are getting some rest at night!! Thinking of you. Jen