Thursday, May 15, 2008


After posting...I felt guilty that I didn't include a picture of Brooklyn. I can assure you that she certainly gets PLENTY of camera time. I decided to add a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure. I try my best to keep things even; which is going to be very tricky. I was just so excited to finally see our sweet Cal's face and I thought you would be too.

So here you see Brooke, then Cal (smiling), Brooklyn and Aidan sleeping and Aidan playing peek-a-boo!


Greta said...

Hey Guys,

Babies are looking wonderful...We read the updates all the time..

Greta, Jason and the Trio

ps. pie is still waiting for you.:)

Gina said...

Dood Clan,

I love the updates (I check all the time and I finally had a moment to set myself up as a blogger!) Anyways, here is a late CONGRATS from the LaMontes!! The pics are adorable and we would love to meet you all one day! Keep up the good work Dood babes, you'll be home in no time!

Gina, Dennis, Maddie, Mia, and Marissa
ps-Happy Belated Mother's Day, Kristin! You are doing great!!