Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sweet Face

May 15, 2008 - 34 weeks 2 days

Pictured above: 1. Our big eyed boy with no CPAP!! 2. Isn't Cal just adorable!! 3. Cal snuggled in and exhausted from his bath. 4. Aidan contemplating life (and looking so cute)

Things have really started to pick up in the NICU. Paul and I are mad diaper changers. Every time we take a breath, there is a poopy diaper. We are able to feed the babies and hold them, a much welcome change from just watching them from outside the glass.

The big news is Calahan made it all day on the nasal cannula. We are so proud of him. He is absolutely beautiful! He is really coming into his own (whatever that means; I know it applies here). We couldn't stop staring at him yesterday.

Paul and I gave Cal his bath last night. We did a much better job than the first time. We had him bathed, hair combed, outfit on, sheets and blankets changed in just under 3o minutes. Cal isn't particularly fond of his bath, but he did pretty well for us. He seemed to like it when Daddy sat him up so I could wash his head and back. Tonight we will give Brooklyn and Aidan their baths.

Cal is also taking a bottle and doing pretty well with it. He has taken two full bottles. Aidan and Brooklyn are also doing well. Brooklyn took all but 5 cc for me yesterday and Aidan left only a few cc as well. Things are looking good!

The boys had a cranial ultrasound yesterday, but we still haven't heard the results. Aidan had a spot on his scan last week, so they wanted to check it again this week. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

All three babies are still having bradies, desats, hi-sats, tekipnic spells (not sure on the spelling of that funny word), etc. A couple of times a day they need stimulation and/or blow by. I long for the days when these occurrences are no longer.

It is getting more and more difficult for us to leave the babies at night. We just want to bring them home with us. It just isn't right that we are away from them; necessary, yes...but that still doesn't make it any easier.

Speaking of leaving the the car on the way home last night, Paul and I were talking about how lucky we are and how well things are going for the babies. All of the sudden we saw our lives flash before our eyes. As we were in the middle of an intersection another car ran the red light and almost smashed into us going about 50 mph. Thankfully, Paul is a fabulous driver and GOD was watching over us. Paul saw the car, swerved to the right and laid on his horn (for those of you that know Paul, horn honking comes naturally to him). The other car swerved to the left which brought him onto a one way street going the wrong way. Thank God there was no one coming from that direction at the time. I am not kidding...that car missed us by a hair (a really thin one too). Paul and I just sat in the middle of the intersection for a minute completely stunned. It was a REALLY close call. The rest of the way home we were pretty quiet. Both of us thanking God for watching over us. Our babies really need us. That ride home could have been ugly, instead it was a good reminder of how precious life is and how thankful we are for everything God has given us. So...thanks to the Big Guy...for ALL of his miracles.


Katrina said...

The babies are beautiful and getting so "big"!!

Thank GOD you guys are safe! I was in a bad wreck not that long ago and can't imagine if one of my babies had been in the hospital then (We have NICU babies lol)

Katrina said...

OH and BTW that is AWESOME that Cal is OFF THE VENT!!! What a great accomplishment!!! What a good boy!!!