Friday, May 2, 2008

Itty Bitty Lydie

May 2, 2008

Pictured above: 1. Aidan sitting up 2. Brooklyn in her first outfit for all of 10 minutes 3. Cal lifting his head up (his hands are never far from his face) 4. Brooklyn loving her paci and her blankie

Today Cal had his first heartbreak. He had to say goodbye to his girlfriend, Itty Bitty Lydie. She left him today to go home to live with her Mom and Dad. Cal was really sad and so were we as we have become good friends with Itty Bitty Lydie's parents. Cal's girlfriend is 3 weeks old and was born at 33 weeks and 2 days. She is ADORABLE and doing very well. Nurse Becky set the two of them up because they have a common interest...crying.

Aside from that, everyone is doing well. Cal had a rough day yesterday. He was having a great deal of apnec episodes along with reflux and a distended tummy. They did an ultrasound on his lungs and they were a bit more hazy than before. The doctor prepared me by saying that they watching Cal for an infection. I was devastated because this poor little guy needs a break. They had to poke his foot twice for blood gas and suction out his raw little nose a bunch of times. This is difficult for me to see. He gets so upset and is quite intentional about swinging his hands/arms to hit the nurses that are messing with him. When I called for an update this morning the nurse said that they had spaced out his feeds to an hour and a half and this really seemed to help. I think it also had a lot to do with the prayers that Aidan, Brooklyn, Mommy and Daddy were throwing his way.
On Wednesday Paul kangarooed with Aidan for the first time and I kangarooed with Calahan for the first time. There is truly nothing like it. I cherish every second, every heartbeat, every is amazing!

On Thursday I dressed Brooklyn in a "Baby B" shirt that was made for her by our cousin, Jolene. It was so fun to see her in clothes, but after about 10 minutes she threw up on it and that was the end of that. I am going to try them all in an outfit today (nurse permitting, of course). I will let you know how that goes.
Paul and I are also getting to know the new doctors. We truly miss Dr. Rebecca, Dr. Karen, Dr. Megan and Dr. Lauren. It has only been two days, but they just had a way of explaining things that made sense to us. I did meet Dr, Desh (taking over for Dr. Schumaker) and he said we are going to have an "exciting month". He said that the babies are going to get so much better. I told him that I was holding him to that.

Please keep those prayers coming. Simply said...Thank you!


The Robert's said...

Dood's, The Robert's here.
We were happy to find out this morning that Aidan was taking Lydie's Spot. We wanted someone Awesome to take it, and that is just what happened. That is also great that you will have all three of the little ones together on the same side. Sounds like they are all doing good today and that is exciting what the new doctor said, and your right to hold him to it!
Lydie also misses Cal and cant wait for him to get home to see him. We will all keep the five of you and Daisy too in our thoughts and prayers. As happy as we are to be home we were also having Nicu and Dood withdrals tonight.
Thumbs up,
Clint, Kate, Lydia, and Ollie too

Nancy said...

Hi! Kristin, Paul and babies,
Great to see the wonderful pictures of all of you on the blog. We are so happy that things are going well. Aidan, Brooklyn and Calahan look great, love the bow in Brooklyns hair and little shirt on her.
Definately hold the Doctor to those words!!
Know we are thinking of you daily and still praying for all of you.
Love you,
Aunt Nancy