Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More Good Than Bad

April 1, 2008 - 27 weeks 6 days

Happy 3rd Birthday to our nephew, Cameron!!

We are almost to 28 weeks....just one more day!

The good thing is we had our ultrasound with Dr. Brincat last night and all was well. Aidan, Brooke and Calahan are staying put and everyone looks good. Our itty bitties are so strong and are being such good listeners. We are so proud of them!

The bad news is that we had our last ultrasound with one of the most amazing doctors ever! De. Brincat has been so wonderful to us and is very reassuring and thoughtful. She stays to talk to us and explains everything. She stops in to check on us and makes us smile. The new doctors are good, but just not the same. Dr. Brincat will still be in the building and hopefully available when we go to delivery (her presence would surely put us at ease).

The good news is I have been eating a lot more this week (I only gained one pound last week) to try to fatten these sweet babies up.

The bad news is I only gained .8 pounds this week. The nutritionist came up and is going to start sending me those horrible carnation shakes again. I will just have to suck it down and chase it with some juice.

The good news is I had my physical therapy session today with Kendra and she is wonderful at her job.

The bad news is I feel like my body is 103 years old and I will probably need hip replacement on my left side when this is all said and done.

The good news is the babies have stayed put and all have good heart tones and are moving around all of the time.

The bad news is I have been on bed rest for exactly 70 days (21 in the hospital) today.

The fabulous news is that Paul got paperwork from the social worker today to allow Daisy to come for visits. That is EXACTLY what I need to get me through the next week or two. I miss her so much! Paul is taking her to the vet tomorrow and hopefully bring her up in the next day or two. I am looking so forward to seeing her; I hope she remembers who I am.

On Monday we will head back to the PAC (Perinatal Assessment Center) to have another EFW (Estimated Fetal Weight). We are looking forward to seeing the babies on the "big" screen and finding out how much they weigh now. From the movements we feel and see, we are thinking that they are all at least 2 pounds each (we are hoping for even more than that).

Paul and I do our best to remember that each day is a blessing. My amazing friend, Ashley, made me a poster of my favorite quote: which now hangs on the hospital wall for all to see:

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,

it's about learning to dance in the rain.

(I think I got this quote from Greta also...so inspirational). We are doing our best to dance (although the extra 57 pounds I have gained makes it a bit tricky).



the vaughans said...

hi paul and kristen! its taylor. i hope you are doing better and feeling better also. we heard that daisy is now allowed to come up to the hospital, soon you will have a, b, c, and d. (the d is obviously for daisy) the video is very cute at the bottom of the page! Baylee and I are both in the middle of volleyball season, we both had our first tournament on Sunday. My team did not play as well as we hoped to but we have some time to work out the kinks before our next tournament. Baylees team did very well on the other hand, we actually ended up playing eachother at the end! Well we hope to see you soon!
love you lots,

Kristen and Paul,
Hi its baylee now, i hope you are feeling a little bit better. it sounds like you are very happy about daisy being able to come up to the hospital, my dad says he hopes she doesn't need to use the bathroom while in your room, because that would not be very good. haha. well we hope to see you at kyles soccer tournament in may!
lots of love,


"but we were gentle among you, like a mother caring for her little children."
-1 Thessalonians 2:7

Melissa said...

Happy 28 weeks Sissy and Paul!

What a huge milestone! You guys are doing awesome! I'm so happy to hear that Daisy girl will be coming to visit and of course she will remember her Mom. Keep hanging in there and I'll see you guys this weekend. Please let me know if I can bring anything!

Sissy - Don't forget the deal we made, only 2 1/2 weeks left!

Love you both so much!

Nancy said...

Hi Kristin & Paul,
28 magical weeks!!!!! YEAH!!!
Happy to hear those little ones are staying put. I wondered if they would have you do some kind of therapy. Glad to hear it. This will make you feel better to get out of your room a little. So happy that Daisy gets to come and visit. She will be soooo excited to see you. She could never forget her "Momma". Your video is awesome! In 20 years the kids will "Love" to watch it. We won't be able to read your blog for over a week as we leave at 5 a.m. tomorrow (Friday 4-4) for Alabama for spring training with the High School softball team. Unless the condos have internet. Call us on our cells if anything happens. We are still praying and thinking of you all everyday.
Love you,
Aunt Nancy

Lori said...

Kristin & Paul-
I love you blog.....the video is GREAT and very creative...I like to check it often for updates.... glad to hear a,b & c are doing well.....I was very happy to hear that you will be reunited with d soon....that is so important from one dog lover to another.... I love the baby names. Remember I am only a phone call away if you need anything.....Take Care....my thoughts and prayers are with you all!!
Lori @ the PAC

cheer4me said...

Hey Krissy! Aunt Judy, Uncle Doug, Brad, and Amy keep you in our thoughts. Keep those babies in your belly. Great news to us. You get to see your daisy girl. We're home from vaca. and were very happy to hear that you were still hanging on. Coming to visit very soon.