Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good-bye Dr. Salmeen

March 30 - 27 weeks 4 days

It is 9:00 pm and we just had our last ultrasound with Dr. Salmeen (she is leaving for Alaska and will be VERY missed). Everything went well and the kids are still in the same spots; all head down (vertex) with Aidan low, low, low. But no change is good news. I am getting more uncomfortable and a wee bit crabby about this whole bed/hospital deal, but I know that it will all be worth it. As my new triplet mom friend, Greta, says, "Keep your eyes on the prize".

Yesterday Noelle measured me and I am 51 cm from pubic bone to the top of my uterus. Most often this measurement coincides with the number of weeks you are. So I am a 51 week pregnant lady. YIKES! This belly is certainly getting a bit tricky to lug to the bathroom and back. My waist around measured 120 cm.

As always thank you for your thoughts, prayers, comments, etc. I have been quite uncomfortable lately and therefore not great company, but I thank God every few hours for all of you and these precious miracles.


Greta said...

You are doing awesome. We all are cheering and praying for you. I am here if you need anything, anything at all...
We read your blog all the time.
And remember "keep your eyes on the prize"- your 3 beautiful angels..:)

Greta, Jason and the triplets Niklas, Gabbie and Lukas.

Sandy said...

Glad to hear they are still baking in there!!!! Hang in there girl---it will be so worth it when you are holding your three little ones.
We pray for you everyday.
Take small joy in the fact that atleast the weather has been terrible for everyone else :)

The Youngs
Sandy, Rob, Emily, Joseph and Joshua

lynda Hojnacki said...

Hi to you ALL!
So glad the babies are staying inside. They are well behaved and are terrific kids! Just keep telling them it's raining outside and it's indoor recess!
Sending my prayers and love to you!


Gayle said...

Hi y'all,
I am so glad the buns are still in the oven. Tell those three that there is no shakin' just bakin'. You are all doing a bang up job. Keep up the good work. My love and prayers are with all of you.