Friday, April 18, 2008

Better Days

Friday, April 18th, 2008

The last two days have been much better. Of course the babies have had some setbacks, but for the most part they are doing well. They have had some great nurses and we are very thankful for that. Some of our favorites are: Melissa, Tonya, Stephanie, Anne, Kemmie, Kelly, Brenda and Anna. It takes a very special person to be able to their job. Our doctors have been incredible as well: Dr. Schumaker, Rebecca, Karen, Megan and Lauren. It is amazing to think about all of the friends that we have made in the last month and a half at U of M. When we walk onto the fourth floor of that hospital we pretty much know everybody. Many of my East nurses come to visit the babies. Today Kelly, Mindy and Noelle came by to check in on them. They are loved by so many.

Here are the updates:

Mr. Aidan - Aidan tried the nasal cannula again yesterday morning and he was desating so they put him back on the CPAP. Nurse Stephanie said he had a tiny bit of poop in his diaper today. She said that might be the reason that his tummy is showing some signs of bloating. I hope that is the case because a puffy tummy is one of the reasons they suspected that Brookie had an infection. Aidan had his 5th dose (2nd round/2nd dose) of ibuprophen today. They did an ultrasound on his ductus (PDA) and it has gone from "wide open" to "small". That is great news, now it just needs to be closed. The doctors also did a scan on his head and he still has the brain bleed but remains at a grade one (we'll take it). If Aidan's platelets are better than 50 and he has good urine output after his next dose of ibuprophen then they will start him back on feeds (breast milk). Last night Aidan curled his little fingers around Daddy's finger. It completely melted my heart. He is such a sweet boy!

Baby Brooklyn - Brooklyn is still intubated (oxygen at 21%-room air) and being treated for an infections. They still haven't found evidence of one in her cultures, blood work or spinal fluid but she is acting like she is sick. Her platelets are low and her white blood count is high:both signs of infection. The doctors are continuing to treat her with a 7 day course of antibiotics. The antibiotics cover the following possible infections: groupie strep, ecoli, skin staff infection, and strep. Today they took an x-ray of Brooke's belly and it showed a small amount of air in the wall of her bowel, but they did another x-ray later and they couldn't find it. This would be called pneumatusus. So they will keep an eye on it. If she does have pockets of air in her little tummy they will treat it with a tube to section out the contents and another 7-10 days of antibiotics. Brooke had her arterial line taken out of her belly button today, but they put a PICC line in her poor little foot. When we returned after dinner it looked bloody and like it really hurt. I just wish it was me getting all of these pokes and things. It is so hard to see their little bodies with lines and wires and pokes and blood. One of the other things that breaks my heart is to see Brooke try to cry with the intubator in. I try my best to stay with them when they are uncomfortable or upset, but sometimes it is too much to bare. It is much easier to watch them when they are sleeping and peaceful.

Peanut Cal - Cal is still on on the CPAP and doing very well. His oxygen level is 27% (room air is 21%). Baby boy is still getting my milk and I hope he can continue. The nurse said he does have a rounded tummy but he is doing well with the feedings. He is still on the biliblanket for his jaundice because his level is 12.9. He also had his head scan today and it showed that he still had two IVH's that are both at a grade two now. So one has grown a bit, but we won't worry about that just yet. I had some concerns about him because he seemed to be shuttering and shaking some. I let the nurses know and they put the frog (a funny looking bean bag) over him. I wasn't sure if he was cold or what was going on. The nurse said that he could just be startled and that they do that in the womb. Who knows? It just didn't look right to me and I have learned to tell them whenever I have a concern. Pretty soon, they are going to ban me from the room. I really do try to not be a pain in the butt...but these are our three children we are talking about. Cal still hasn't opened his eyes yet, but it is tricky to do with the CPAP on. I asked the doctor about it today and she said that it is normal for him to not open his eyes. All of the kids will have eye exams when they are 36 weeks old.

Before we left last night I read each of the babies a bedtime story, Guess How Much I Love You (Thanks Fortner!). I started with Aidan and cried quite a bit while reading it. As I read it to Brooke and then to Calahan I was stronger. They need their Mom and Dad to be strong for them. All three babies were calm while I was reading. I'd like to think that they were comforted by my voice. For tonight's bedtime story I am going to read The Three Little Bears.

This morning I called the NICU for an update and everyone had a "pretty good" night according to the nurses. Aidan had a couple of brief brady episodes but he mostly recovered on his own. His nurse said that when she is doing his labs, blood gas etc. she is giving him a break from the CPAP and he is doing well with that. What a good boy he is! Brooke's nurse said she was a "little peanut last night". Her blood gas (taken from an artery, capillary or vein to check the ph level of the blood, amount of oxygen in the blood, potassium, sodium, etc.) looked "great" and her vent levels are good (room air). Her antibiotic (venko? levels) were high which means that they weren't moving through her blood so well. I am not sure what the plan is for that, but will find out later today.

Many people have been asking us what we need. At this time we would love your prayers and good thoughts and your understanding if we are not getting back with you via phone calls, e-mails, comments, texts, etc. We are overwhelmed every day with information and emotions. By the time we get home we both crash only to wake up the next morning and do it all over again. Although I sometimes feel there is no end in sight, I am so thankful for every moment that Paul and I spend with our precious babies and for all of the prayers that our surrounding our family at this time. God is definitely listening!

Have a wonderful weekend!
With Much Love,
The Doods


The MacKenzie's said...

Dear Dood Family,
We check the blog everyday and each time we read your posting we are amazed at your strength and commitment to these precious gifts from God. You are truly an inspiration to all (especilly those who have children). GOD BLESS! We love you!
The MacKenzie's

Greta said...

Hey guys,
We think about you all the time.
It will all be worth it in the end! I promise!!!
Also, with everyday it will get easier and easier as first few weeks a the hardest.
28 week Myers triplets-Niklas, Lukas and Gabbie and Greta and Jason

Gibson Twins said...

Sounds like the kiddos are doing better which is wonderful, I will continue to keep all 5 of you in my prayers.

Another great book is "On the night you were born". It's one of my favorites. It is great therapy to just sit and hold your babies even if nothing else is happening.

Here's hoping the weekend goes great!

Laura Breen said...

Kristin/Paul/Little Doods:
I am so moved by your blog. You are both such amazing parents already. These little ones are so lucky to have you. Keep the faith, stay strong, and remain hopeful. We say a prayer for you all everyday. God Bless. Love ya,
The Breen Family