Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Two Weeks!

Daddy holding Aidan (I will flip later, we are leaving for the hospital right now...) Brooklyn trying to take her CPAP off
Cal stretching out his legs

April 23, 2008

The babies are two weeks and one day old today! They are doing well. In the last three days we have had mostly good news with a minor set back here or there. The main one being Cal's lungs. He has PIE on his left lung and atelectasis in his right lung. They are currently treating this in a non-evasive way. They are keeping him on his left side or on his tummy. This little guy loves his tummy. Too bad when he gets home it is sleeping on your back with some supervised tummy time. I explained PIE in a previous post. Atelectasis is defined as "a state in which the lung, in whole or in part, is collapsed or without air". Poor little guy! Worst case scenario is a chest tube. Please pray for his little lungs to heal on their own and quickly! For a brief moment the nurses thought that Cal was going to need to be reintubated. But our little guy proved them wrong. He is working a little bit harder than they would like to see, but he is still holding his own.

On the up side for Cal, he is getting 2 cc of milk every hour and tolerating it. As a matter of fact all three of the kids are finally drinking breast milk. This is exciting news for me! All of the pumping I have been doing will start to pay off. All of the kids have some residual when they pull it back up, but they are getting better at digesting the milk every day.

The other minor set back that we encountered over the weekend was Brooke having a low temperature despite her isolettes attempts to regulate it. Her white blood cell count is also still high which means she is still fighting whatever infection she may have. She is on her 9th day of antibiotics today, so hopefully we are almost finished with that.

Of course we still have all of the bradies and desats, but that is to be expected. Paul and I will both be so happy when those are alarms, no red lights. One day...

Other big news...everyone has pooped. Isn't that terrific! Some have needed the help of suppositories, but the end result is the same. POOP!
Paul held Aidan on Monday and he did great (both of them did great), no desats or anything. I changed Aidan's diaper yesterday. It was so much fun to touch him. He loves to look at you when you talk to him. His eyes are beautiful.

The doctors have not retested Aidan or Brooke for their PDA's, but they are showing no signs of them still being open. Hooray Babies!

Again, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Please keep 'em coming! Little do these babies know how very much they are loved by so many. We really appreciate all of you!


Brad and Meg Brus said...

Paul and Kristin, what exciting news today! How amazing that Paul got to hold one of his precious boys! I'm so glad that hings now seem to be on a more consistent up swing!
Kristin, I'm wondering how you are doing? How is recovery going from extended bed rest and the c-section? How are you feeling?
love you guys,
Megan and boys

Tara said...

So happy to read good news!! The babies are so cute! I love your video and all your photos. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts-Let us know if there is ever anything we can do to help out!
Tara and Nick (and Max too!)

Kristin said...

Congratulations to all five of you! What a wonderful blessing each one of your babes are. Our whole church family is praying for the five of you; continued strength and improvement and rest for mom and dad.
Kristin O : )