Tuesday, April 29, 2008

HaPPy 3 wEEkS!

Calahan saying "No more pictures, Mom"

Brooklyn and Mommy
Aidan and Daddy

April 29th, 2008

Today Aidan, Brooke and Calahan turn 3 weeks old! I just called for a morning update and they are doing well, just those pesky bradies and desats.

Yesterday was an amazing day for me. I got to kangaroo with Brooklyn. I am not sure if I have explained kangaroo care or not, so here it is...kangaroo care is holding your naked baby (with a diaper on) against your own naked chest with a blanket over the baby to help keep them warm. Brooklyn and I kangarooed for 2 hours and 40 minutes. It was amazing to feel our little girl's heart beating against my chest, to listen to her breathing, to watch her move and to smell her fabulous baby scent. The first hour Brook did a lot of desatting and sometimes she was so low, I thought my heart was going to break, it was really tough for me and very stressful to watch the monitor numbers and hear the beeping. But after that first hour, she did a wonderful job and only had two minor desats. It was the most precious hour and forty minutes. I could do it for days. Brooklyn's Daddy and Nurse Melissa (love her) came in periodically to check on us. We were having an amazing time! I have to admit, I took home her blanket and hat so that I can smell her at home which only made me miss those little ones even more. I woke up several times in the night to smell her. I miss them so much when we are at home.

The problem with kangarooing is that after spending three hours with Brook, I only had a short amount of time with the boys (and so it begins). I read them each a story (Barnyard Dance) and said a prayer and then it was time for Paul and I to go home. I felt guilty for not having spent more time with the boys, but Daddy was there with them.

Paul also had a very special day in the NICU. For one, he was a diaper changing fool. He also was able to feed Aidan his dinner. Most importantly, Aidan was fussing and crying. Paul put his hands in the isolette and placed one hand on Aidan's head and the other one around his feet to give him some loving boundaries. That calmed Aidan at once and touched his heart. He is the best Daddy!

Calahan seemed to be more content last night as well. His poor little nose is tired of the prongs from the CPAP. He prefers the CPAP mask, but the respiratory therapist says it is necessary to change it occasionally. So he only had the prongs on for three hours while we were there. Cal has the sweetest little face and we are so anxious for him to start trying the nasal cannula so we can see it better. Dr. Karen (our new pediatrician-YAY!) said that Cal's lung x-rays have improved some. THANK YOU GOD! So he is able to lay on his right or left side for now. She said Cal will let us know if that isn't working for him.

Thank you for keeping up with us. Every day is exhausting and we truly appreciate your support and prayers. I tell all of the babies about the support, love and prayers that so many people are sending their way.

P.S. I give up! Today I got the spacing and paragraphs to work...but I couldn't get that big white space to go away. Ugh!

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