Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Bedridden Girl

April 3, 2008 - 28 weeks 1 day

We made it! Our new goal is 29 weeks. Thank you for the thoughts and prayer...they are so working.

I had a very special visitor yesterday...Daisy! It was amazing to see her. It is crazy how much I love that dog. She stayed for quite awhile and mostly laid on my bed. She was able to find a jelly bean and a pill under my bed, but Paul got them from her. Many of the doctors and nurses came to see her. Daisy just has a way of putting a smile on everyone's face. Things went so smoothly that she will probably come again soon to see me.

We have been feeling the babies move for a 8-10 weeks now, but yesterday you could watch my belly and see all of the activity. Feet, butts, arms, legs: body parts moving around everywhere. We still find it hard to believe that there are thirty fingers and toes in there, six arms, six legs, three bodies and three heads...yikes!

I thought I would give you an idea of how my day goes...(it is quite boring, so please feel free to scroll down to the bottom)

I lay in bed in the t-bird position (legs slightly elevated above the head) all day and night; mostly on my left side except when I get up to use the bathroom every twenty minutes or so.

6am-I take Procardia (medication to keep my uterus calm) and the nurse takes my vital signs (blood pressure-always low, heartbeat-always high, temperature-usually normal and oxygen levels).

8:30am-I call my friend, Janna, to order my breakfast. We haven't met yet, but we have a nice conversation every morning. Then my friend, Eddie brings me my lunch tray and we chat for a minute or two.

9:00am-My friend, Wendy, comes in and talks with me as she cleans my room.

9:30am-I take iron and colace and the nurse takes my vital signs again.

10:00-11:00am-I watch Ellen (the only show I can't miss-she makes me laugh).

Sometime between 8:30 and 2:00ish-The doctors come in with the ultrasound machine and take a look at the babies to make sure they are all moving and have beating hearts.

12:30pm-I call Janna back to order lunch.

1:00pm-I eat lunch (it all tastes the same anymore).

1:15pm-Judith comes to take my blood every third day for a type and screen.

1:30pm-Physical therapy comes once or twice a week. Kendra is awesome!

2:00-6:30pm-I use the computer, stare at the wall, knit, read magazines, stare at the other wall, etc. Most days a couple of doctors come to visit and see how I am doing. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Nugent as one of these doctors.

6:00pm-Another dose of Procardia and another round of vital signs. Then we order dinner from Janae (also another nice unknown face).

Shift change happens at 7:00pm and we get a visit from our night nurse. Anytime between 7:30 and midnight the doctors come to do our second ultrasound of the day. Again, they check for baby heartbeats and activity. Sometimes they also look for practice breathing.

10:00pm-I take iron, colace, prenatal vitamin and 10mg ambien.

10:15pm-Sleeping until my midnight does of Procardia. Then I wake up every half hour to go potty because there is no room for my bladder with all of those babies.

Today was shower day!!! Nurse Kelley (another favorite of ours) shaved my legs for me and then Paul helped me take a shower (I use a shower chair). Afterwards my blood pressure was the lowest it has been 90/56 and my heart was racing so I didn't take my 6 o'clock dose of procardia. I am having a difficult time catching my breath, but the doctors don't seem to be worried.

Here are some of the many people that are taking SUCH good care of us in Room 4147:

Daytime nurses: Noelle, Dannielle, Kelley, Michelle, Shawn, Stacie and Jen

Nighttime nurses: Mindy, Ruth, Jamina, Donna, Debra, Debbie, Nicole and Linda

Doctors: Dr. Nugent, Dr. Brincat, Dr. VandeVen, Dr. Chames, Dr. Treadwell, Dr. Salmeen, Dr. Keeton, Dr. Chrissman, Dr. Berger, Dr. Samar, Dr. Winer, Dr. McCarthy, Dr. MacLean and Dr. Beck

As you can see we have a lot of people taking care of us and the BIG GUY in the sky is definitely looking down on us. We are still in amazement that we have made it this far. These babies are fighters and although we are so anxious to meet them, we cherish every minute that they stay put.

Night nurse Mindy (so wonderful) is bringing us dinner and a movie tomorrow night. She is great fun and we always look forward to the nights when we have her to keep us company.

I guess it is getting old for me to thank all of you every post, but you have all helped us to make it through these difficult days. Simply put, THANK YOU!

On a side note, our Uncle Cliff has gone to be with God in heaven. He was a wonderful man and will be missed dearly. He battled Alzheimer's and dementia for the past few years. We love you, Uncle Cliff!


Wusthoff's said...

Hi Kristin and Paul,
It is so amazing. We are so happy and excited for you both. Scott and I just watched the video. What a great idea. You are never far from our thoughts. We will keep you in our prayers. Try to stay as strong and sane as possible.
God Bless you all-
Beth, Scott, Maddie,&Tegan Wusthoff

the vaughans said...

Hi Kristen,
I hope you had fun with daisy,when she came up to see you.I love the names you picked out for your babys(they r adorable).I can not wait to see you when kyle plays soccer in may!!!

Lots of love,

the vaughans said...
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Greta said...

Hey guys,

Thanks so much for your donation to our team for "March of Dimes" next year we can all walk together.
You are doing great!!! Hang on for a little bit longer, you are almost there.
We think about you al the time.

Greta, Jason and the Trio- Gabbie, Niklas and Lukas..oh, and Floyd-the dog :)