Monday, April 28, 2008

No News is Good News!

April 28, 2008
Here are a couple of pictures to show how tiny these babies really are. Lots of people have been commenting on the babies looking "big" in the pictures. I am happy to announce that all three of our munchkins have graduated to the three pound club. Aidan is even creeping up towards four pounds.
Brooklyn had her first photo shoot this past week and here you see her foot in Mom's hand and her fingers around Daddy's ring in Dad's hand. That little girl already has her Dad wrapped around her finger.
All three kiddos are doing good with the exception of their bradies and desats. Brooklyn likes to hi-sat at 97. I think that will have to be her soccer number one day; she likes it so much.
Aidan is switching back and forth between the CPAP and nasal cannula every six hours or so. I love when he is on the nasal cannula so we can see his sweet little face. Aidan is being bolas fed his Mommy's milk once every three hours. He is getting 8 cc. Yesterday I got to feed him by holding the syringe and pushing little bits in at a time over a fifteen minute period. All the while I was holding his pacifier in his mouth and he was sucking away. It was great! Not ideal, but I will take it for now.
Brooklyn is on the nasal cannula and doing well. Brooklyn just finished her loading dose of breast milk and will go up today. She likes to drop her body temperature here and there during the day. We are hoping "this too shall pass".
Cal is still on the CPAP and his nose is so irritated. Yesterday the nurses had to suction out some crusty boogers and blood. I was so sad for him. Cal is eating 7 cc of milk an hour now...which is his maximum feed until he gains some more weight.
All of the babies cry sometimes when the nurses are messing with them, but yesterday Aidan and Cal would cry when no one was bothering them. This made me so sad because I just wanted to reach in there and pick them up to comfort them. It is extremely difficult to know that there is nothing Paul or I can do to help other than set our hand on their backs and talk to them. I am hoping that their cries are to tell us that they have a wet diaper or are hungry.
The babies will be three weeks tomorrow and I will try to update more. I have lots of information but Paul and I are heading to the hospital now. We have been getting home very late and are always exhausted. It is strange to think that we are sitting down for most of our time with the babies, yet neither one of us has ever been so tired in our lives.
As always, thank you for the prayers and please keep them coming! No doubt, God has wrapped his loving arms around all three of these children.
Much love,
(Sorry about the spacing and paragraph problem. I have tried several times to fix it, but can't. I will play with it when I have a minute. It drives me crazy!)


Corinn said...

Those photos are sooo sweet! It is amazing how tiny they are and I remember my girlfriends little guy looking "huge" in a photo and pretty pint sized in real life!! They are doing so beautifuly and I couldn't be happier for you all!!! Tell those peanuts to keep up the good work!

sarahsimons17 said...

AMAZING pictures!