Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One Day at a Time

March 12th, 2008 - 25 weeks

So much has happened since my last update. I am writing today from the hospital. I'd like to backtrack again a little bit to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone that has been thinking about us, praying for us, sending positive thoughts our way, visiting, sending cards, food, etc. Your generosity has most certainly been overwhelming and we truly appreciate everything!

On March 2nd, we had another baby shower; this time in Clarkston at my Mom's house. It was (once again) a very beautiful shower. I have such creative and talented friends and family! Thanks to my Sissy, Mom and Alicia for an amazing day. Paul wasn't able to make it because he was sick AND threw his back out two days prior. However, we were able to join via webcam. Which was pretty neat; like flies on the wall because no one could see us. I think being a spy would be pretty cool! Again we received so many wonderful gifts and were humbled by everyone's thoughtfulness.

The following week was filled with lots of visitors every day, which was so great and really passed the time. Again, I can't thank you enough!

March 9th was a very busy day for us! Pete had spent the weekend painting the babies' room. Then Paul and Pete put together our beautiful rocking chair (Thank you Citzy!) and another crib (Thank you Grandma & Aunt Judy!). Carol was busy all day washing bedding and blankets and organizing the piles and piles of goodies we have received from all of you (Thanks again for your kindness!). It was very difficult for me not to help them out, but I know my main focus is growing these precious babies! I can honestly say that Paul, Pete and Carol worked tirelessly that day and I was overwhelmed with joy that I have married into such an AMAZING, GIVING family (I couldn't be luckier).

On to March 10th...our routine doctor visit. We had a wonderful time checking out the babies. They are growing so big and look adorable. They all had heartbeats and were very active (nothing new to this big belly). Next up, the dreaded cervix. This number has haunted me since the 17th week when we had the cerclage put in. At last appointment, it was measured at 2.2 (with some discrepancy). On this day...we got a big fat ZERO. Not only a zero, but I was dilated to 2 and there was baby a's head once again heading near the opening (we can't blame the kid, he is completely squished by his brother and sister). After that information we were escorted by our very own Dr. Nugent (head honcho) to a room in the ICU, no stopping at triage-right to the room. Where we were greeted by our favorite nurse, Noelle (whom admitted us for the cerclage). She is an absolutely incredible person and had me shot up with our first steroid to develop the babies' lungs before we could blink. In a matter of minutes I was lying down, had an IV, blood drawn for my glucose (which came back normal) and meds to calm my uterus. The day was a whirlwind for Paul and I: meeting so many doctors, I couldn't count. We had to sign a c-section form, meet the head of the NICU unit (Dr. Bob Schumaker), the anestheologist, doctors on duty, living will person, etc...

Dr. Schumaker was very helpful. He sat with us for an hour and talked to us about what will happen with the babies should they be born in the next few weeks. He also took Paul on a tour of the NICU. He said we definitely don't want these babies coming now, but sometimes there is nothing we can do to stop them. At 25 weeks he gave them a 60% chance of survival with possible handicaps (mild to severe). He said for him, he breathes a sigh of relief at 28 weeks, so we would love to get to that point or beyond.

On Tuesday, March 11th, the contractions were coming stronger and more consistent than the day before. I was also on fire for most of the day. I don't think I have ever been so warm. In addition to those lovely symptoms, I was also having a very difficult time breathing. I was very nervous, but just kept talking to God and putting my faith in his plan. Of course it worked because here it is Wednesday morning and I am feeling pretty good. The contractions have slowed and I am not quite as hot. My belly feels strained today, but what do you expect with three beautiful bundles of joy dancing around in there.

Paul and I have decided to make short term goals for ourselves and our children. The first one being making it to today...officially 25 weeks! Goal accomplished! Our second major goal is just around the corner at 3 o'clock today. By that time both of the steroids I was given will have had enough time to do all of the work that they possibly could on the sweet babies' lungs. From there we will look forward to the passing of each Wednesday which will signify another week done for us. God willing, these babies will be born healthy and happy! With all of our friends and family rallying around us and praying, I have no doubt God has wonderful things in store for our family of six (Daisy girl included).

So, thank you for the positive thoughts and prayers! We cherish you all and feel so loved!

I am not so good with phone calls right now; a little bit weepy, but e-mails and text messages are great.

Take care and thanks for supporting us!

Until next time...


Amy said...

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Those little peanuts are going to continue to grow and get stronger. I think the Doods feel just as lucky to have you in their lives as you do them.

Amy Miller

jodidenno said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you! Just sit back and relax! In a few short months, you and Paul will forget what relaxing means.

Take care of you and the babies,
Jodi Denno

P.S. Kayla can't wait until she sees you, all of the babies, and Daisy!

sarahsimons17 said...

I just recently found out about all of this and I couldn't be happier for you and Paul! It just seems like yesterday that you had me in tears at 336! I am ready to come keep you company if you need some and to help out with those babies when they make their way home! I have been keeping up on your blog here and think about you often!

Keep taking good care of yourself and those babies!


Sarah Simons....and Matt :)

Deby said...

You are in our prayers. Al & I were so happy to hear that you're going to be a mom (I have to admit that 3 is a bit much though). God's blessings on You, Paul and the babies.
Deby & Al Jaynes