Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hello 27 Weeks!

March 26 - 27 Weeks

YAY, 27 weeks has FINALLY arrived! We have made some wonderful friends here at U of M and feel so fortunate to be taken care of by such amazing people. Thank you so much to all of the visitors that have come to see us. It really helps to pass the time. Love you all!

Today we had an appointment with Reena at the PAC to do a BPP (biophysical profile) and doppler. All of the kids had good blood flow (doppler). Brooklyn and Calahan got 8 out of 8 on their BPP's. Aidan got 6 out of 8 because he wouldn't practice breathe for 30 seconds. Yesterday Aidan's cute little bottom was plugging the exit, but today he is head down with his brother and sister pushing at him. Aidan and Cal seem to have switched roles; Cal is a crazy man and Aidan has been laying low lately. Brooke continues to kick them both. What have we gotten ourselves into? Life sure will be exciting at the Dood house when these cuties come home.

Most days we see the chief resident, Dr. Brincat (similar to Dr. Bailey on Grey's Anatomy) for our ultrasounds. She is FABULOUS and has made us feel so at home here (if that is possible). She likes to joke and is so incredibly personable. At night time we always have Dr. Salmeen, another fantastic doctor and wonderful person. She knows all of the kids and their personalities and is so nice to talk to. Both of these doctors spend lots of time with us. Now for the not-so-good news...they are both leaving this floor at the beginning of April. I feel so SAD about it. They have become our friends and we look forward to seeing them every day. We will definitely make do without them, but they have both really made a difference in our stay here.

Speaking of incredible people...Paul is the most wonderful person in the world. He has slept here every night. Did I say sleep? Let me rephrase that...he has stayed here every night on a reclining chair and leaves only for a few short hours at a time. He tries to make sure that someone is here with me because he doesn't want me to be alone. Despite being here for two weeks, he always makes me laugh and is so helpful!

We had a few slight mishaps this week, but nothing worth mentioning. However, I will say that we are thankful that Brooke, "Callaway Dude" and his headless brother continue to hang in there, despite their efforts to join forces and head south.

Today, Danielle (another favorite nurse), took the IV out of the top of my hand. LOVELY...that thing was driving me nuts. I will get poked later for my type and screen (every 3 days to have my blood on hand should we need it), but that is nothing like an IV in your hand.

Daisy Girl got her hair cut on Tuesday and Paul sent me a picture. She is in good hands with Grandma and Grandpa and gets to play with Jacob and Cameron every couple of days. I miss her like CRAZY every day (she will always be my first baby)!! I think about her a lot and wonder if she will even know who I am when I do return home.

Not to sound redundant, but MUCH THANKS for the visits, cards, packages, e-mails, texts, thoughts, prayers, etc. They mean so much to us. We are constantly amazed by the kind gestures of all of our friends and family.

Our next goal is to make it to 28 weeks! These babies are doing so well. Paul and I are so proud of them. Although we are anxious to meet them; we cherish every moment that they stay put.

Love to All,
Paul, Kristin, A, B, C and D

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