Friday, March 28, 2008

Rough Day

March 28 - 27 weeks 2 days

i am typing with one hand (left) tonight because i just got another iv in my right wrist. this morning Dr. Van de Vin did our ultrasound and no surprise...aidan is low, so low he said if he did a vaginal exam we would probably see hair. we are quite certain our children will be bald, so i guess we would see his head. i have had a great deal of back pain and pressure today, along with 5-6 contractions every hour. everyone started preparing today; bringing birth certificate papers, scrubs for Paul, a baby bed, premie stuff, baby bracelets for a, b and c, etc...

it is 9:15 and we have made it through the day. we thank God and pray the babies will stay put through the night. every hour counts.

i truly appreciate the calls, but am not up for talking. thank you for your understanding. please pray for us that these babies are strong and healthy. thank you for your support.

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Nancy said...

Hi Kristin and Paul,
We are praying for you. Stay strong and if its God's will that they be born soon he will take care of them. They are Dood/Schoeneweg, they are tough!
We love you,
Aunt Nancy