Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a Day!

These pictures are a little bit old, but so darn cute!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where do I start? Eye appointments for premature fun! Paul and I had to take Aidan and Brooklyn to Dr. Archer for their follow up eye appointment. The appointment was at 1:30 and our scheduled eating time is 1:00; what to do? So we decided to bring the bottles and feed the babies at the appointment. That was a great idea other than the fact that I had brought the bottles, but no nipples. So we made a quick stop at the hospital where Paul ran in to find that both of the elevators that we normally used were out of order. Paul (being quick on his feet) found a working elevator, up to the fourth floor, grabbed some nipples and back down to the car, out of the parking garage and to the Kellogg Center for the appointments. We made it with a few minutes to spare. After the babies' eyes were dilated the doctor clamped them open. This is very unpleasant to watch and must be extremely uncomfortable because Aidan and Brooklyn screamed their heads off during this process. Turns out that Aidan is in the clear and doesn't need to visit the eye doctor for another four months. Brooklyn still has ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) and needs to come back in two weeks. Cal is in the same boat and will need to come back as well (Dr. Archer visited him in the NICU last week).

After the eye appointments we decided to visit Calahan. We were having a great time until the doctor informed us that Cal may be moving to the fifth floor. Ordinarily this would be a wonderful thing, but not when you have two babies at home. The fifth floor is less supervision. Nurses come in to check on the babies once an hour and there are two kids to a room. Aidan was on the fifth floor for his weekend stay and I would never leave a baby alone there. Which means that someone would need to be home with Aidan and Brooklyn and someone would need to be at the hospital at all times with Cal. Paul and I have grown to love the NICU and really don't want to move. We told the doctors our concerns and they understood. However, there are sick babies coming in and no open spots in the NICU. Cal is the "wellest" baby they have so he should be the one to be moved up to the fifth floor. The doctors moved another baby and tabled the issue for the time being, but there are no guarantees. For now, I can rest easy knowing Cal is still getting excellent care 24/7. Did I just say rest?

At home, Aidan and Brooklyn are doing AWESOME! They are both so sweet and we are just loving them up. Brooklyn has been nicknamed Princess Poopy Pants because she poops with every diaper. Her little bum is raw. Aidan is back to himself and after giving blood every 24 hours for the last three days he gets a break until next week.

Calahan is now on zantac and reglin to help with his reflux and apnea. Dr. Attar told me today that he thinks Cal will eventually outgrow it. Worst case scenario a surgery, but he doesn't think Cal will need it. He said we are looking at anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks before he comes home. I spent the afternoon with Cutie Cal and he is an amazing little boy. He has these big beautiful eyes and is very alert. At times he shrieks in pain and it breaks my heart. Today we said several prayers together that God would heal his insides and allow him to come home.

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