Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We Made It!

The triplets with their cousins at the airport in Detroit.

The babies first time in "real" highchairs.

This is fun Grandpa!

Sissy loved spending time with Daddy in the pool.

Swimming with Uncle J

Thanks to Rebecca and Aunt Karen for letting us borrow your strollers.

That Minnie is so cute!

Mickey can't believe we have triplets! He visited our table more than once.

Pluto was amazed by the triplets too.

Let's have some fun!
February 3rd, 2009

We are in Florida. Getting through the airport was an experience. Lugging around three babies, baggage for three babies and for mom and dad is no easy task. Going through security was a little bit difficult but overall...doable (as long as you bring along Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle and cousins). The plane ride went pretty well. Brooke slept for the majority of the trip. Aidan and Cal catnapped, played and fussed some.

The weather isn't as nice as we hoped it would be, but we are having a blast. We are very busy. Yesterday the babies got to go swimming for the first time and they loved it. They also had their first showers later on and they loved those as well. Little fishies!

This morning Auntie K and Uncle J treated us to breakfast with Mickey. It was a whirlwind of a morning because just as Mickey and some of the other characters came to visit us the babies were hungry. It was crazy, but so much fun! Grandma bought the babies cute Mickey and Minnie bibs. Then we headed over to Legoland and downtown Disney but it was a bit too cold for the babies so we brought them back to our villa. Thanks to the Wellers, Grandma and Grandpa for a fun filled morning.

One thing is for certain...three babies sure do attract a lot of attention.


MasonTripletsPlusOne said...

Looks like fun!!! I can't wait to get to Disney:)


the logan crew said...

How fun and what great pictures! So glad to hear that the trip went well, it gives us hope :-) Sounds like you're having a great time and remember, the weather is better than here!

Great to meet you, hope to see you guys all soon!

thegrowingcunninghams said...

I'm so proud of you for taking the plunge and traveling. Looks like a great reward for the hard work and effort it must have taken to get there.