Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Breathing treatments, steroids and amoxicillin...OH MY!

Poor sick Sissy

Our Tiger Gear - Thanks Britta!

February 17th, 2009

Steroids, breathing treatments, amoxicillin, baby tylenol, kleenex, oragel, baby motrin, nasal aspirator...these are a few of our favorite things.

There are six of us in the house and five of us are or have been sick. The only one that has managed to stay healthy is Daisy (the dog). Brooklyn got sick while we were in Florida and kept us awake for two nights in a row. The flight home was horrible. She was screaming and thrashing around. So much so that the flight attendant told me to take her into the bathroom while we were landing. I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for her the following day to find out that she had a double ear infection. Poor baby!
The boys decided the following night that they missed U of M and wanted to make an emergency trip to the ER. Both of them were having great difficulty breathing around midnight. Aidan also had a terrible cough. We spent five hours in emergency. Aidan was sent to triage first, but Calahan was given the green light to skip right to the room. They immediately gave him three back to back breathing treatments. The doctor said it was the equivalent of us drinking 12 cups of coffee. That poor boy was as high as a kite. His eyes were popping out of his head and his arms and legs were going 100 mph. Aidan received one breathing treatment and both boys started on steroids. They were able to keep their stats up for four hours so we were sent home with more breathing treatments and steroids. Diagnosis: Aidan-croup, Calahan-bronchiolitis (possibly from RSV).

All three babies got bad colds within a day or two of each other. It started with watery eyes, then a runny nose, a rattle in their breathing and a cough. Along with this...NO SLEEP! Paul and I also got colds.
I believe that we are on the upswing now. The babies are on the mend. Paul and I are feeling better too. It was a ROUGH GO for awhile and there were days I was sure that I was losing my mind.
In other news, Brooklyn popped her first tooth while we were on vacation and another one has sprouted since then. This past Sunday Aidan got his third tooth. I believe that Calahan is also working on his first tooth. Aidan said "dada" and "mama" in the same day! These babies are incredible!
We hope this post finds you happy and healthy!


MasonTripletsPlusOne said...

Sorry to hear about all the sickies, but sounds like you are all on the mend.


Christina said...

Wow, seriously, you need to invest in a Nosefrida or two...or three.
Best snotsucker on the planet, saw it on a multiples board and I
ordered one right away. Lifesaver!

thegrowingcunninghams said...

Sick baby, no fun. Three sick babies, definitely no fun. Hoping you're all on the mend. As aways, love the pics of your precious trio.

Mother of Multiples said...

Were we all in the emergency room at the same time? We had the trouble breathing too and we ended up with a ventilator for 4 days in PICU at Beaumont. All 3 babies had RSV but just one had to be hospitalized. I say that triplets are manageable until they get sick. Glad everything is better.