Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes...We are still alive!

September 10, 2008
Sorry for our is crazy, but in a good way. The babies are 5 months old (11 weeks adjusted) and doing great. They are so amazing! So much has happened since I last posted. One emergency visit to the hospital (false blood test results) and Cal's double hernia surgery; other than that we are healthy!

Our current daily routine is as follows: 6 am eat, play, sleep, 10 am eat, play, sleep, 2 pm and 6 pm more of the same. 9 pm eat, swaddle, sleep until 2 or 3 am and then the cycle repeats. The babies are really starting to enjoy the playing part. Almost as much as Paul and I are watching them. The family room has been transformed into a baby gym. Jumperoo, bouncy seat, exersaucer, floor mat, swing, etc. However there are more than one of each of these items. Madness!

We were in Rockford for most of August at the cottage. Unfortunately, Paul's grandma passed away so the babies attended their first funeral while we were there. Gigi Popkins was the sweetest little lady and she is dearly missed. We also enjoyed our first dining experience at Arnie's; it went fairly well but we had two people for back up with us.

All of my fabulous teacher friends went back to work. We were so sad to see them go. A quick shout out THANK YOU to those that helped all summer (you know who you are). We couldn't have done it without you! We are fortunate to still have Carol over on Wednesdays all day and my Mom on Thursdays. Carol also comes during the week for feedings here and there throughout the week. Our neighbor from across the street, Debbie, has also been a big help.

Our four month check up went very well. Aidan was 13 pounds, Brooklyn was 12 pounds and Calahan was almost 12 pounds. As you can see from the pictures we are all chubby! Everyone seems to comment on how "healthy" the babies look.

Paul and I were able to make it to cousin Amy's 40th birthday party with my Mom, Dad, brother, sister-in-law, niece, aunt and cousin watching the babies. Although it was a fabulous party, we missed the babies something terrible.

Paul and I spent another night away from the babies this week in order to attend the funeral of my old dear friend, Adam. We were able to do this thanks to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I worked with Adam for fourteen years at the Dairy Dream and he always looked out for me. He was like a big brother (even though I was months older). We haven't spoken in a couple of years, but he was one of those family friends that you know so well. Adam will be missed by so many. Please keep his family in your prayers.

A few things about the babies...

-no more size one diapers
-no more 0-3 month clothes
-no more extra calorie formula
-no more eating every three hours
-no more actigall for Aidan or iron for Brooklyn

-loves to fold his hands (we think he is praying)
-is trying to roll over
-is a big eater (6 ounces at a time)
-is a wonderful sleeper
-loves to watch t.v. (just like his Dad)
-is harder to get a smile out of (but has beautiful dimples when he does)
-loves to stare at the light coming in through the blinds

-recently found her screaming voice (it's a very loud place)
-has a beautiful smile and she does so often
-has a red bird toy that she loves to watch
-does not tell as many night time stories as she used to
-adores her Daddy
-likes to coo and chatter

-is doing much better with his acid reflux
-also likes to watch t.v.
-has a darling smile and is doing so more and more often
-loves his swing
-loves his bottles and lets us know it by his loud sucking and umm...umm in between
-is a light sleeper during the day

We hope you are all doing well. Again, I apologize for the lull in posts. The days pass by so quickly. But not a day goes by that I don't thank God numerous times for these precious miracles. We have truly been blessed!
If you are reading this, please post a comment. I am pretty sure all of our faithful blog readers have given up on ever seeing a new post. So I am not sure if I should continue on or shut her down.


Nancy said...

Hi Kristin, Paul and Babies,
Back to school so I thought I would just check to see if your site was still on my favorites and what should I see but these beautiful babies pop up. So nice to see!! I carry the picture of Lauren and them in my planner so I can show them off at school. Boy was I surprised when we came back how many teachers here are pregnant. So I show them all the babies pictures. Give them all a big hug and kiss for me.
Love you,
Aunt Nancy

Brad and Meg Brus said...

Please keep up the blog! It is so good to see pics of the three and to hear how they're doing! We wish we could see all 5 of you more!
love you and we are still praying for you guys,
Brad, Meg and the boys

Nancy said...

OMG!! They have grown soooooooo much in the 3 weeks that I haven't seen them!! Your welcome for helping this summer and I was GLAD to do it! I MISS YOU SOOO MUCH AND LOVE YOU GUYS VERY MUCH!! Give the chunkers a kiss from me! =D

mom2anangel said...

Hi Kristin and Paul and babies, I still check to see if there are any updates so please keep this going! Everyone that knew you asked about you on Tuesday and I said I hadn't heard but assumed no news was good news. I started a blog too, I think you can check it out from my post here. Thanks for the update and can't wait to see more pictures of the kiddo's!

Love, Amy

sarahsimons17 said...

Hi Kristin! I check all the time for your updates...I was so excited to see and hear how great the babies are doing! If you ever want company, just let me know!!!

Take care!

Sarah (Matt and Shay too!)

Lois said...

Kristin, Paul and Babies,
I check your website at least 2 or 3 times a week to see if there are any new pictures. I love to watch the babies grow. I also like to read your blog, you do it so well. Think of all you often. Lois
NPS Benefits

Kelly said...

I too check often for new updates on the little babes. They are so cute.
I'm sorry to hear about Adam. Laura W. told me about him and she was planning on going down to the funeral as well.

lizkwizz said...

Kristin and Paul,

We check the site every few days. We were so glad to see the new pics. Your sweet babies are getting soooo big! We miss your smiling face over at Winchester.

We can't wait to meet the babies in person.

Liz, Rob, Adam, Anna and Madelyn

Tell Daisy Bella says hello.

Citzi said...

You both have been blessed with a beautiful family. I couldn't be happier about this success story. I too will continue to give thanks for these three miracles. You have much joy ahead of you as they grow. Nothing has come easy for you guys and 3 little ones at one time isn't easy either, but the good times will make it all worth it. Enjoy your lifes together, all five of you. Much Love & Happiness.

Love Citzi

Gina said...

Keep posting! I love it! They are so cute, and look TERRIFIC!! We hope you are all doing well... sounds like you have it down (Gosh, more than we did!) Sounds like a nice schedule. The six month mark is right around the corner, so hopefully any day now, you will all be sleeping thru the night... A MIRACLE! Our thoughts are still with you!
the LaMonte 5

Castellano Family said...

Hi Mrs. Dood,
This is Sarah here. The babies are soooo cute! We love looking at the pictures and reading about them. Here's an update on our family.
Sarah - is now at Meads Mill and loving it, but misses everyone at winchester. Soccer is going good.
Mark - is fully recovered and dropped soccer for baseball and possibly swimming.
Jimmy - is a "tough" 8th grader who already has lots of homework.
Mom - went back to Hillside full time as a learning consultant.
Dad - is still working on the Ford hybrids & we are proud of his brakes that got a compliment on the 2009 edition.
We would love to come visit the babies some weekend. Let us know what works for you.

The Castellano Family

bormdi said...

I would love to continue to watch them grow through their first year! They are soooooooo cute!

thegrowingcunninghams said...

How wonderful it is to see three healthy, thriving babies (and hopefully two sane parents; the triplet journey is a busy and often tiring one, but such a blessing! We check in on you frequently and love to see the progress everyone is making. From one triplet momma to another, keep it up!

audreypaige said...

Please keep up the blog on the babies. Your dad and Dennis have been friends for a long time and we love to see the photos and how everyone is doing. We go on about once a month to check out everyone else's blog, so it's great to see that the babies are doing so well.
Keep safe and sane!
Allayne and Dennis
s/v Audrey Paige

Provagna family said...

We truly enjoy your updates and photos. We are so happy to see those chubby little cheeks on the babies. Can't believe they are the same babies from the first photos. You are so blessed and we couldn't be happier for you. Keep posting. How could we ever tire from looking at those little faces.
The Provagnas

grannygrate said...

Continue on. It's totally understandable that you've been busy and needed a break. I'm so glad to get the update. My daughter is supposed to have a C-section the week of 10-19-08 to have her triplets. Thank you again for the clothes you passed on to her. They are all so cute and will be used much!! We are getting excited. I really look to your sight for insight into what will be coming up for them because they will be just about six months behind yours. I'm so glad you have all the help you have, and that you are getting out at times. Love and hugs to all of them -

omelyn said...

The O'Mearas love the updates. Claire and I are particularly consistant checkers, at least 2x a week.

We love the updates, love the photos, love the inspiration of your words. As Teddy Roosevelt said, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." We will all, always appreciate whatever that winds up to be.

Bordine Bunch said...

Hi Kristin and Paul!

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful babies with me today. Me girls were so sad when I told them I went to see the babies without them.

You are doing an amazing job!