Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thank You!

February 6th -20 Weeks
Paul and I wanted to thank everyone for their support and prayers over the last year! We are so blessed to have so many people love us and care about us. What amazing family and friends we have. Thank you!
As we continue to have countless doctor appointments, we decided to create a blog to keep you all informed about our precious triplets.
This month is bittersweet for us. We are remembering where we were with the loss of our son last February and rejoicing in the progress of our triplets this year!

I am going to backtrack just a bit... (read from the bottom up)
Today we went to triage because I was having a crazy pain in my cervix area and some clear fluid leaking. It turns out (or so the doctors guessed) that baby a is sitting directly on my bladder. Paul got to see the kids on the ultrasound machine and said they were the best views yet!
Monday, February 4th - 19 weeks 5 days
Today we visited Reena again, but didn't get the good news we were hoping for. My cervix is opening again. It went from 3 cm to 2.6 cm. There is nothing we can do about it but PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that it doesn't go past the stitch. The doctor said if the thinning is due to the weight of the triplets, there is a good chance that the cerclage will hold. But if the thinning is due to inflammation in the uterus, the cerclage will not help and there is nothing that they can do to treat that. We are staying positive that God is going to watch over these precious gifts and keep them growing inside of me for three more months.

Monday, January 28th - 18 weeks 5 days
Today we went to see our favorite ultrasound tech, Reena. She was able to tell us that baby a was another BOY! So we are having two boys and a girl! The babies seem to be wonderful! They are growing on schedule. Here are the stats:
Baby a - 143 heartbeat 10 oz. Measuring 19 weeks 1 day
Baby b - 149 heartbeat 9 oz. Measuring 18 weeks 3 days
Bbaby c - 143 heartbeat 9 oz. Measuring 18 weeks 4 days
My cervix is still at 3 cm. What a happy appointment! Keep growing babies!

Wednesday, January 23rd - 18 weeks

We went to the doctor for a routine check up and my cervix had thinned from 3 cm to .6 cm. Who would have guessed that me being so tall would have a short cervix? The doctor immediately sent us up to triage and before we knew it they had me upside down (t-bird position) in bed and scheduled for surgery. I had an emergency rescue cerclage. Boy,was that scary for both of us! They wouldn't let Paul go in with me and I had to have my first spinal. Bright lights and cold room! During the hour and a half surgery I was awake and shaking like crazy from the anesthesia. They had to blow up a balloon in my cervix to move baby a away from the cervix (I guess he was ready to meet us). Then they stitched me up to 3 cm. All went well and we had to stay in the hospital for four days. It was there that we found out that baby b was a girl and baby c was a boy. Baby a was shy and squished by its brother and sister. It was at this time that I was put on strict bedrest. I can come down the steps in the morning and go up the stairs at night. I am allowed to get up to go to the bathroom and shower a couple of times a week (using my highly fashionable shower chair).

During this week is when I started feeling the babies move. Mostly, baby b (girl). She is always moving around. The boys don't move as much but they are on the left side of my stomach and don't have as much room to move around.


Citzi said...

This is a wonderful, special and loving tribute to your babies. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog. Thank you both for sharing your blessings with me. LOVE YOU, Citzi

Franny said...

Kristin and Paul

It's so fun getting updated through your blog! You do some an awesome job - I feel like I'm sitting right with you and talking! The ultrasound pictures are awesome....I can't wait to kiss those sweet little cheeks! We love knowing their names - it's wonderful to be praying for each of them by name!!

Love you all
Ken and Fran