Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Babies!!

April 7th, 2009

As Paul and I sit here and reminisce about where we were and what we were doing exactly one year ago today I am overwhelmed with emotion. Our sweet babies are turning one in only a few short hours. Thank you GOD!!

As we look back on the birth of the babies it was a day of joy, but also a day of uncertainty and wonder. The first two months of their lives were among the most difficult for us; the beeping machines, brain bleeds, open vessels near the heart, bilirubin levels, medications, possible infections, spinal taps, blood transfusions, all more than I thought I could handle. But God walked Paul and I through it, holding our hand all the while. Looking back, it is only through the grace of God that we survived that time. Seeing those poor helpless babies and knowing there was nothing we could do, but trust the doctors and nurses and give them our love and affection through a glass window. How horrible it was not to be able to touch them and love them. How awful it felt to leave the NICU every night without our babies; frightened every time the phone rang worrying that something might be wrong with one of our three fragile babies. The first few months home were scary as well. With a return trip to the ER for Aidan and constantly worrying if someone was going to stop breathing.

A rocky start...yes, to say the very least! But no doubt the most wonderful miracle of our lives! We have loved watching these three little ones grow and change before our very eyes. Simply put...they are amazing! Completely amazing! Words cannot begin to express our love for these little ones. They are everything to us. I consider myself the luckiest woman in the world.

Thank you God! Thank you for choosing me to be the mother of these three angels. I love every day, every minute that I spend with them. My heart is overflowing with love and I couldn't be happier...

You are loved more than you will ever know.


Beth said...

Happy Birthday to the 3 cutest babies in the world!!!

MasonTripletsPlusOne said...

Happy birthday Aidan, Brooklyn & Calahan!!!

The MacKenzie's said...

Happy 1st Birthday Precious Angels! WE LOVE YOU!
The MacKenzie Family

Lauren said...

Amen! Those babies are amazing and guys are soo blessed! Happy FIRST Birthday Aidan, Brooklyn, and Calahan!! I love you!!

Aunt Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Precious Babies!
You have touched so many lives, in so many ways! We may not be blood relatives-but I love you all SO much! You have brought so much joy into my life-at a time when I needed it most! I cannot find enough words, to describe just how much I love each one of you. These past six and a half months, have been some of the MOST happiest times in my life! I've enjoyed watching you grow, as you learn to do new things. Aidan, Brooklyn, and Calahan-you will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart! I love you guys to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs & Kisses,
Aunt Debbie

thegrowingcunninghams said...

Happy, happy birthday Aidan, Brooklyn, and Calahan. What a celebration for you three, and what a celebration for your mom and dad!