Sunday, March 15, 2009


March 16, 2009

Dear Aunt Debbie-


We think you are amazing! Thank you for loving us like you do. We love you right back!
Here are 50 reasons why:
1. Your fun to cuddle with
2. You give us lots of hugs
3. You rock us
4. You like to spend time with us
5. You come to the doctor with us
6. You let our mom take showers (thank you!)
7. You feel bad when we are sick
8. You are kind and caring
9. You are generous and loving
10. You play with us
11. You call to check on us
12. You miss us when you are not here
13. You think we're cute
14. You feed us breakfast
15. You feed us lunch
16. You feed us yogurt for snack
17. You are proud of us when we do new things
18. You are always amazed at how we have grown
19. You comfort us when we are sad
20. You brag about us
21. You watch the "Monkeydoos" with us
22. You change our diapers
23. You show our pictures off to others
24. You get us dressed
25. You are very prompt
26. You talk in such a loving voice to us
27. You teach us new things
28. You like to think about us
29. You always know what to do to make us smile
30. You give us our pacis
31. You give love and cuddles to Daisy too
32. You give mommy time to get stuff done
33. You always use hand sanitizer to keep us healthy
34. You hold us
35. You feed us our bottles
36. You give us toys to play with
37. You put bibs on us so we don't get messy
38. You burp us
39. You look forward to watching us grow and change
40. You take us for walks in our stroller
41. You go to the park with us
42. You push us on the swings
43. You clean up after us when we spit up
44. You give so much of your time to us
45. You're always so happy
46. You are a beautiful person inside and out
47. You love us (and we love you!)
48. You are SO helpful to our mommy (she REALLY loves you!)
49. You think the world of us (and we think the world of you!)
50. You would do anything for us (and we would do anything for you!)

P.S. For those of you that don't know our Aunt Debbie; that's a bummer because she is great! She is our neighbor that lives across the street from us and she dedicates three days a week to loving us. Now THAT is awesome and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. Thank you, Aunt Debbie! We love you!

Have a wonderful birthday!

Hugs and Kisses,
Aidan, Brooklyn and Calahan
(Dada, Momma and Daisy Girl too)

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