Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It Takes a Lot of Doing

December 9, 2008 - 8 months and 1 day old

Aidan, Brooklyn and Calahan wanted me to let you know they have a new cousin...Ryan Allen. He is precious!
Yesterday the babies went for their second synagis shot...twice. It takes a lot of doing to get three babies ready and out the door. Feeding schedules need to be altered, diapers changed, clothes on, diaper bags packed, winter hats, put babies in their car seats, warm up the car, put strollers in the car, lug babies in car seats out to the car, get to the doctor's office, get strollers out, get babies out, you get the picture... Anyhow at our 11:30 am appointment they told us that the synagis was not there; someone had overlooked ordering it. So we headed back home and repeated the above tasks again at 3:00 pm. I am not complaining because these shots cost $3,12o EACH and I am thankful that we are taking preventative measures to keep these babies healthy. I am merely saying it takes a lot of doing...

A big thanks to Debbie for accompanying us. Shots are NO FUN!

Anyways the babies are doing great! Aidan is leading the pack at 19 pounds, Brooke surpassed Cal again at 18 pounds and Mr. C is a healthy 17 pounds.

The triplets are learning and doing new things every day. Today we tried oatmeal for the first time and everyone loved it. As you can see from the pictures, these babies love anything you put in front of them.

Aidan is so predictable. Everyone morning like clockwork he wakes up at 5:20 am. We snuggle in the rocking chair for awhile and then he is ready to eat. After he eats he plays in his favorite exersaucer. Exactly one hour and 2o minutes from the time he wakes he is ready for a nap. But not before he takes a big huge poop. I love this routine. Aidan is so inquistive and so much fun to be around.

Brooklyn hasn't been as smiley as she once was. I am guessing that it is just getting too difficult to lift up those heavy cheeks. She is still "squealing" quite a bit. She loves to watch Daisy. She likes to try and pet her. Sissy is so in love with her Daddy. She manages to pull those cheeks up whenever he is around. Her favorite pasttime is still sucking on her lower lip.

Calahan is definitely the smilest boy of all. He is so happy and so smart. The other day Brooklyn was fussing in her crib and I asked the boys if I should give Sissy her paci and Calahan responded "Yeah!" right on cue (Debbie is my witness). Then I was playing back a video I had taken of the babies and my voice was saying "Say Hi" and Cal let out a big "Hey!". Brilliant baby, I tell you!

We are having a blast and hope that you are enjoying every day too. Happy Holidays!

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Krista said...

Hello Doods! Happy 8 months! The babies look so beautiful. I think you have more patience than I do - I would have been more than a little upset if I had lugged my crew to the doctors only to find they hadn't ordered the shots... :) Glad to hear the solids are going well. I might try to call you soon to get some advice about starting solids; we haven't started yet.