Sunday, October 12, 2008

Six Times the Fun!

Pictured above:
1 & 2 - The Bess triplets and the Dood Triplets
3- A babies (Aidan showing a little skin)
4- B babies
5- C babies
October 12, 2008

Hello Everyone!
Yesterday we had our first triplet play date (my sister was here for back up). It was a blast! Our friends Krista and Josh brought their three cuties over to play. I am not sure what I expected with six babies all under six months old, but everything went perfectly! The babies were all very good. We watched the football game, ate snacks and talked baby. We took some pictures...I never thought for one second that all six babies would cooperate. Just goes to show how much I know. After the triplets left we went for a walk. It was the most beautiful day! The babies really enjoyed the walk; they were sitting up and looking around. What a fabulous day!

This past Thursday Aidan decided that he too would like to start rolling over. He did it for Daddy several times. He also is loving his new o-ball (Thanks for the idea, Debbie). Aidan had three or four days of yelling at me constantly. I am pretty sure he was teething. He was drooling an awful lot and chewing on his fingers. He is in a much better mood today (thank goodness), but I don't see any teeth yet.
Brooklyn is a precious little girl! She continues to be very mild mannered and passes out smiles all day long. At night she likes to do a lot of talking, moaning, screeching, etc. But overall, an angel!! An absolute angel!
Calahan is our Guy Smiley! He loves to smile and he is enjoying a lot more time on his back. Wednesday was a big day for my little guy as he moved into the bedroom with his brother and sister. No more sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's room. :(

All three babies are starting to grab things and pull them to their mouths. They are all ticklish under their necks and are starting to laugh just a little. They are growing up so fast! I am ecstatic with their progress, but wish I could freeze my favorite moments and there are many!

We are off to my nephew Jacob's 7th birthday party! Happy Birthday Jacob! Also, congratulations to the Mackenzie's and the Logan's on the birth of their little ones this week. We are praying for all of you. And thanks to Aunt Kathy Weller for spending three wonderful days with us this week; we really enjoyed your visit!

By the way...if any of you bloggers know what I am doing wrong with my spacing, please let me know. In the posting window my spacing and paragraphs look good, but when I go to publish it the spacing is all off. It drives me crazy!


Nancy said...

Hello Doods!
Oh my gosh! They are soo adorable! Aidan's belly button is PERFECT!! That is really exciting! WE love you and miss you! Hopefully see you this weekend, I will let you know for sure!
Lauren and Aunt Nancy

Krista said...

Love the pics (but then I am a bit biased. :)) We had so much fun yesterday, and I was so happy I finally got to meet Aiden, Brooke, and Cal. They are darling. I hope we wore your crew out enough so they slept through the night last night! Talk to you soon.

Sue Lombardo said...

Hi All! I cannot believe how busy you all have been! I am so excited that all the babies are sleeping in their rooms and my boyfriend is rolling over! It truly is amazing how much things change in less than two weeks since I saw everyone. I will be over sometime this week to see all the activity. Love and miss you all, Sue

Jason Myers said...

That is a ton of babies!

the logan crew said...

What cute pictures of adorable babies! I can't wait to the Logan babies are big enough to play with their triplet friends too :-) I'm once again so impressed at home much you guys get out and idols!

On our end, Jack is now home, Ryan is following tomorrow and Brooke should be home in two weeks or so. I will be calling soon to pick your brain on how to handle two/three babies at home but feel blessed to be sleep deprived already!

The Logan's
Jen, Ed, Kyle, Ryan, Brooke & Jack

thegrowingcunninghams said...

A few weeks late, but happy half-birthday to some REALLY cute babies. I'm so happy to see that everyone is thriving. What incredible strides they've made since the NICU days.